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Photo Manipulation Photo Manipulation is the technique of modifying a photograph either by adding objects, people or things in the background or foreground. Some of the changes that can be made to the photograph while manipulating it are: o Contrast and brightness adjustments o Color schemes o Cropping o Removal of jagged edges o Adding and removing objects o Replacing one object with the other Photo Masking Photo masking is employed when isolating a part of a photograph from the rest of the photo where the edges are not well defined. Experienced and well-trained graphic designers perform photo masking at Ballygally View Images, keeping in mind your desired requirements. The masking process is time consuming, and depends a lot on the image and area to be masked. Make your family snapshot a great old photograph with our photo masking and photo restoration services. We offer custom, high quality, and affordable photo masking services. Our photo masking services are available at an affordable price and we would like to keep it that way. Our services include background replacements, colorization, image retouching, photo manipulation and many other special effects techniques. You can use image masking services to bring interesting effects in an image by controlling certain parts of the image which need to be painted, colored or modified. Get the complex images masked with no difficulty and perfection. Ballygally View Images can perform complex photo masking operations to an image with much ease and perfection. We are a one stop shop for your entire image masking services. Our commitment to quality photo masking services has enabled us to boast of international clients that have long standing relations with the company. Obtaining a perfect photo masking effect is both tedious and time consuming, but with our expert services, we make it possible! Photo Enhancement With our many photo enhancement services, we can colorize a black and white photo, add, modify or remove a background or object or retouch the image. Using our photo enhancement services, you can bring out the details in a faded photograph. We work personally with clients to make sure that the final finished photographs are to their approval. Our photo enhancement experts do their best to adjust to contrast, color and sharpness levels. Whether you have old photos that have become scratched or more recent photos that have been accidentally damaged by sunlight, water or any other reason, our photo enhancement professionals will restore and enhance your photo to perfection for you. We are committed to restoring and enhancing your photographs to give you the most ideal pictures possible. We specialize in: o Blending people into pictures. o Replacing, adding or deleting people from a photo. o Background expansion for adding more people to the photograph. o Adding and removing background from the pictures. o Inserting people into the pictures. o Enhancing photo resolution. o Enhancing picture quality. o Emphasizing certain areas in the photo. Is color the only thing missing from your photo? We can fix that for you!! Take a look at the photographs below; by making some minor changes we gave new life to the photographs. Photo Resolution is an indication of the quality of your photos. The higher the resolution, the clearer and more detailed your photograph. But, sometimes the image is not clear enough and is pixilated which, in turn affects the photograph quality. We, at Ballygally View Images enhance the photo resolution thereby, enhancing the picture quality and giving a clean and clear look to the image. Photo Restoration The photo restoration specialists at Ballygally View Images combines conventional and contemporary technologies to restore cracked, lined and tattered photos. We understand the value of your loved ones, the photographs you clicked of your children, your first car, your grandma and your first house. With our photo restoration services these memories live on. Our restoration services include: o Photo Alteration: black and white to color. o Photo Enhancement: Photo enhancing and restoring. o Removal of scratches and minor photo retouching. o Foreground, background object removal and addition. Atmospheric conditions, sunlight, accidents and poor storage can all result in a damaged photograph. Photo restoration can bring your photograph back to life. Our restoration process would involve careful scanning a photograph and then repairing and rebuilding it. Thus, we are able to accomplish the image restoration process. Any evidence of damage is removed, leaving the original unaffected.
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