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Photo Retouching By using our photo retouch up technique, you can enhance your old photograph to a brand new photo. We "enhance" your photographs, by smoothing the backgrounds, adding vibrant colors and removing unwanted objects. If you are looking to retouch up your old, moldy, scratched or torn photographs, our photo retouching services can safeguard your photos for generations to come. Our retouch up services include the following: o Background replacement. o Eye, skin or hair color changing. o Brightening of colors. o Heavy crease removal. o Adding colors to the faded areas. o Making photographs small or large. Adjusting Exposure So how precise do you have to be with exposure? Even though digital cameras only have a certain amount of 'exposure latitude', in practice there are many different ways of interpreting a scene, and many exposure errors can be rectified or at least improved with a bit of image-editing. Just send us your images to us and let our team of Photoshop experts here take care of it for you by balance the tones more evenly. We are confident of being able to complete extremely complicated assignments in record turn around time. Our pricing is competitive; we provide discounts on large volumes of images. Contact us today for a free quote! Airbrushing Do you often wish that the people in your photographs would look "perfect" - much like the models in fashion magazines? Let the maestros at Ballygally View Images show you how it can be done to your existing photos Artistic The first step of turning a photograph into a true work of art is to capture the ideal composition. This task seems simple and easy, but it requires a thorough professional with the ability and skill to manipulate the light, color and contrast to produce a scene that attracts people's eyes. After achieving what is required, the second step is to manipulate the photograph so that it appears to be work of an art rather than a computer graphic. Now you can make your photograph look like a hand-painted masterpiece, produced with pencil or watercolors
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