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Background Removal Our background removal, photo restoration, object extraction and photo manipulation services ensure high quality extraction from the photos. In the examples below, the objects are removed from the background, thus giving the photograph much brighter and clean look. These images can in turn be used as a new background or foreground for another picture. The whole process is an arduous job that involves manual image processing and requires deep graphic designing skills. Border Creation/Digital Frame A fantastic picture deserves a wonderful frame. Just as you frame the artwork you hang on your wall, you can also create frames for your digital photos and art. Ballygally View Images has plenty of creative experts who would be delighted to design wonderful frames that complement and enhance your photos. (Description of the work done on the image) Caricature Drawings It's personal and funny! A caricature is the art of depicting a person by exaggerating some features of the face or body. At Photos Touchup, we don't just do human caricatures; we can also work on pets and other animal caricatures. Whether for an anniversary or a birthday, caricatures make excellent gift ideas. We can draw caricatures as part of an invitation for an anniversary, marriage or birthday party. The caricature drawings are highly realistic with the person portrayed in a very humorous situation. Caricature drawing is a serious form of art. Give your friend a surprise by getting his caricature done with us! At Ballygally View Images, we can produce a highly realistic caricature drawing. Our caricature drawing services guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our experts can sketch and custom design the caricatures, including features and surroundings. Color Correction Got photos that need to be color corrected? Bring it to us at Ballygally View Images. Our experts will balance the color as per your needs. We also colorize black and white images which can be a very tedious and challenging process. Here are some examples. We also batch process RAW files and adjust them for color correction, contrast, exposure etc. At Ballygally View Images we believe in quality and customer centricity and in meeting your deadlines. We provide discounts for large volumes and there's no additional charge for rush jobs. Other Services Poster, Banner and Leaflet designing.
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