Where do I record my CDs Where does tony record all his fantastic music? Just visit http://www.pinegrovestudio.co.uk and discuss your options with his Producer, Paul McNeilly. With a variety of styles of music catered for, he’s sure you'll be happy working with him. Look around his website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact him on: 02825649144 or 07841632562 or e-mail him at: pic_music@hotmail.com 
About Tony About Tony
The Beginning Where do I begin, well I suppose like most people reading this you’ll want to know all about my roots. That’s where we all get our influences and the ambition to pursue our chosen path. Where did my love for real country music start? I was born in Co Antrim in a small farm house quite close to Ballymena, the youngest of a family of eight,four boys and four girls. From the beginning music played a part in our daily lives. I grew up listening to the popular records of the time which would have been the likes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Marty Robbins, Slim Whitman and George Jones to name but a few. I was also influenced by my sisters love of the top lady country singers who were dominating the radio waves at the time, including Lynn Anderson, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette and of course Dolly. I started to learn Guitar around the age of eight with the help of a wonderful lady called Mrs McCann, a local teacher. At primary school I also had the opportunity to learn the violin, but at that time the Johnny Cash style of guitar was all I wanted to explore, since then I have wished many times I had taken up the Fiddle, as in the modern era the country fiddle is so widely used. Family gatherings and sing songs were my first introduction to performing the country songs I loved, looking back now I can see how big a part these get togethers played in forming my future Singing career.
His Career After leaving school I served as an apprentice joiner with a local builder and was fortunate enough after a few years hard work to form my own small business within the building trade. Unfortunatly music was not considered a good career choice at that time. Although I still had the longing to sing, a “proper” job was what my parents and family expected. So family gatherings were still my platform to sing my beloved country songs. After getting married and with the help of my own young family I found myself in a better position to dedicate more time to my music. Around then I took every opportunity to play and sing with all the local country bands and with their help and encouragement I decided to record my first album AMERICAN COUNTRY GREATS. The album was recorded and produced by Paul McNeilly at P.I.C Productions, whose expertise and dedication made the whole process a great experience. This first album was soon getting aired on the local radio stations including Downtown and BBC radio Ulster. Thankfully the feedback from the stations and indeed the general public was very encouraging and I was being asked to appear much more frequently on the live music circuit. My second album NOTHING BUT SWEET LIES soon followed with American country classics from Lefty Frizell Marty Robbins etc.
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