Spinal Injury Northern Ireland
Charity registration no: XT20946 Northern Ireland Charity Commission No. 100558
About Us: Sp.I.N.I. (Spinal Injury Northern Ireland) is a  charity which specialises in “post hospitalisation” rehabilitation for all ages. Our aim is to provide individuals with support in social care and use of equipment for spinal injuries in their own area.
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We specialise in providing support, rehabilitation & physiotherapy equipment to clients. This is a selection of the equipment is on offer to those with a spinal cord injury, with dozens out on loan at any given time.  Unfortunately we have a large waiting list and we always need more equipment to supply the needs of wheelchair users.  This includes Hoists & ramps and expensive MOTO meds and standing frames.   Need a hoist click HERE Sp.I.N.I. works closely with SCIU at Musgrave Park Hospital with the Physio and O.T. departments passing on our info to patients leaving the ward. We also help patients from the Spinal Injuries Unit get back out into the community by providing tickets to venues like concerts. Sp.I.N.I. was founded in 2009 by Peter Steele after he suffered an upper spinal injury when his jeep over turned in the wind.   The reason for setting up the charity, in his own words….. “When I was in Musgrave Park Hospital I had the use of a motor assisted cycle called a MOTOmed. I found the unit to be very beneficial to me so when I left the Ward I thought I would enquire about purchasing a machine.  I got an unpleasant shock to find their price was over £4000. It took a few months before we managed to purchase one but by that time much of the muscle had wasted.  I didn’t want another patient to have to go through that. I soon found out other past patients were in a similar position and could not further their rehabilitation at home which give me the idea on a charity to help others with the same dilemma.” Peter has won accolades for his work, including “The William Keown Cup”. “I use my pc with my mouth with the help of an Integra mouse, it’s slow but I get there!” Most people don’t realise that when patients leave Musgrave Park, at a time when most are going through great emotional, physical and financial hardship, they have to purchase their own specialised equipment.  Even simple things like lightweight travel ramps that will allow you to access your family and friends homes.  Because Peter has went through it all himself and knows exactly what is needed he wanted this charity to be able to offer equipment immediately. People are grateful for the provision of our equipment to hotels and B&B’s for clients who would otherwise be unable to stay overnight due to their disability.  This service means so much to clients who otherwise may never be able to visit loved ones or go to a wedding.   Imagine not being able to stay overnight for the lack of a hoist?   We make hotels aware of this service and we try to accommodate everyone, but we always need more equipment. Our members are all volunteers, so that over 90% of money raised goes towards purchase and supply of equipment.  
This is a MOTOmed in use.
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