Spinal Injury Northern Ireland
Charity registration no: XT20946 Northern Ireland Charity Commission No. 100558
About Us: Sp.I.N.I. (Spinal Injury Northern Ireland) is a charity which specialises in “post hospitalisation” rehabilitation for all ages. Our aim is to provide individuals with support in social care and use of equipment for spinal injuries in their own area.
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Financial Report for Sp.I.N.I. Year 8 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017 Spinal Injury Northern Ireland has continued to help those with spinal injuries, through specialised equipment for spinal injury rehabilitation; payment of neuro-physiotherapy advice & fees, and rent out equipment free of charge to those in need by reason of spinal injury. We continue to build upon our previous achievements and along with the help of our faithful fundraisers & donors, we had a total income this financial year of £ 8824 With £ 6884 being raised this year directly from donations & events. And £ 1940 from Gift Aid (past 18months) etc. This year £ 1785 was spent in total (all covered by Gift Aid contributions) £ 180 was spent on equipment review & patient neuro-rehabilitation £ 455 on office equipment £ 20 on Equipment transport, including transport of the hoists & ramps, £ 320 on advertising & charity subscriptions £ 458 computer software & maintenance of charity website £ 352 on insurances fees & general charity expenses Many thanks to all who contributed through out the year, and also to those who took part in the many events held; and to the organisations who generously contributed. A special thanks to those involved in the following – Cairncastle Ulster Scots Event 2016 Carnlough Biggest Loser Carnlough New Year Swim 2017 Dalriada Festival Triathlon Big Bann Challenge Larne Car Show Belfast Marathon 2017 Sp.I.N.I Range of Clothing & promotional items This year a new service was added to our repertoire, as well as our usual free rental of motomeds, hoists and ramps etc. This new service is the supply of a neuro-physiotherapist services to aid in rehabilitation and to ensure the specialised equipment provided is being used to proper health & safety standards; Many spinal injured people received specialised equipment or therapy this year (including specialised shower chairs, ramps, motomeds & hoists) all provided by Sp.I.N.I. This equipment allows injured people and their families to benefit from equipment designed to meet their unique needs and maximise their quality of life. Sincere thanks to all involved – keep up the good work. (Sp.I.N.I. committee - Peter & Lucy Steele, Donna McCormick, Daniel O’Reilly). Further financial details for the year can be obtained from Donna McCormick at dmsmccormick20@yahoo.com  Further details of achievement can be obtained from Peter Steele at info@spini.co.uk